Kate Anderson

Creating objects, prints, to perform with- lots of them- something quick, something urgent, an impulse you just need to get out! Editions of them, something familiar, something spontaneous, something at once both subtle and disruptive. taped up and not framed, you can yank it right off. An implication of an action, but one that does not need to be seen- you know already what it could be- a hint! AMPLIFYING the performative moments we choose to have, reminding us of those we have without choosing (it’s often out of our control) but THIS is about deciding it. Creating a moment, each one unique, sometimes apprehensive- I don’t know if I can but maybe just this one time- sometimes quick - it needs to happen now I simply must act- and in between! that is performative. That is an opportunity to see, hear, activate, push, crinkle up, send in the mail, shake up, trace, kiss, slam shut. An action, a gesture, big enough to be…. a reminder- a sweet melody of admiration- a crush of course!!